InfoSight Corporation has been putting barcodes on metal tags for over 20 years.

Our preprint service started when a customer asked us for a tag that forklift drivers could see without getting down from their seat. Next they asked if we would print those tags so it wouldn't disrupt their regular operations.

Since then InfoSight has become a leader in a highly specialized field: custom printed metal tags with text, images and barcodes, for use in places which destroy paper labels, plastic tags and directly applied inks or paints. Today we preprint 17 special purpose tags. Their range of use includes:

  • Extreme heat, including total emersion in molten zinc
  • Emersion in heated caustics and acids
  • Withstanding heavy abrasion
  • Enduring extended weathering
  • And surviving in maritime environments.

Usually, preprint customers have considered buying one of our printers, only to find preprints are more cost efficient.

Have us print your tags for you.  No need to buy a tag printer if you only need a limited quantity of tags, and you can supply the information to be printed.

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