LabeLase® 30xx Tag Printer


Fully automatic continuous-feed 30-Watt desktop laser printer for metal bar code tags. The InfoSight LabeLase® 30xx Tag Printer is designed to function like the PC printer you probably already have on your desk, and fits into just as small a space. It plugs directly into the back of your PC, and with the free Producer™ software, you will be printing high quality metal barcode tags in just minutes.

The LabeLase® 30xx Tag Printer accepts standard 300-foot (90-meter) rolls of continuous tag stock, pre-nicked & notched for easy breakoff after printing.


  • smallest 30 watt printer footprint available anywhere
  • quiet operation
  • integrated PC-based software for tag layout and printing
  • continuous roll and single tag feeding are standard
  • unattended batch or single-on-demand tag printing
  • non-contact marking (no delicate pin matrix head)
  • high quality bar codes meet AIM specs. Common symbologies pre-programmed, additional and custom symbologies available upon request.
  • prints all PC-installed fonts, including multi-byte characters for Asian languages
  • unlimited number of text, bar code, and graphic fields per tag
  • unrivaled range of metal tags for temperatures up to1100°C / 2000°F, acid resistance, atmosphere-controlled annealing, and the rainbow of colors.

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LabeLase is a registered trademark of InfoSight Corporation