Embed-a-Tag™ Concrete Casting ID Tags

Embed Tags in Concrete Castings Tracking from Form to Install

ShotTag™ Metal Tag

ShotTag™ has been developed to withstand the cleaning process of "Shot Blasting"

X-Tag™ Metal Tags

The Only Tag for Traceability In Atmospheric Annealing Ovens and Cycles of Long, High Heat

KettleTag® PLUS metal tag

The Only Galvanizing Tags with Text and Barcodes that Survive The Entire Galvanizing Process

The American Galvanizer’s Association lists 9 steps in the hot dip galvanizing process. Since 2001, our KettleTag®PLUS has been surviving them all.

FoamTag™ metal tag

Labels which may be applied to cast surfaces! FoamTag™ labels consist of a laser markable stainless metal tag and a foam adhesive that conforms and adheres aggressively to rough surfaces such as castings.

ToughTag™ Metal Tag

ToughTag™ is an ideal low-cost barcode tracking tag for identifying industrial equipment such as valves and racks, located in harsh environments indoors or outdoors.