X-Tag™ Metal Tags

The Only Tag for Traceability In Atmospheric Annealing Ovens and Cycles of Long, High Heat

In 1994 InfoTag® from InfoSight solved the problem of tagging freshly cast steel during cool-down. With the X-Tag™ we offer barcodable metal tags that won’t selfdestruct during  ong heat soaks and multiple annealing cycles.


  • Withstands long and multiple cycles at up to 1800°F.
  • High visibility man readable text and machine readable barcodes, even after extended high-heat processing.
  • Wide variety of attachment options.
  • Samples available - test X-Tag in your furnace before ordering.

Read more about X-Tag™ metal tags at InfoSight.com

X-Tag is a trademark and InfoTag is a registered trademark of InfoSight Corporation